Saturday, April 19, 2008

Night Riding

Had my first night ride of the year. I was on Cowboy and ponied Z. Started kinda late, about 7pm, and decided once I was out that we'd go the whole 8 miles, knowing it would get us home after dark. The air was so calm and it was such a nice, warm night. I could have ridden for hours longer, but I knew I had to get home. The horses did just fine. We trotted the first half and walked the 2nd half. I wanted to get them more time and slow things down a bit since we've going balls to the wall at the last few rides. I don't want them to think every ride is going to be wild. :-) Z was funny - every once in a while reaching over to bite Cowboy. She doesn't like him, but she's learning to tolerate him.

Earlier in the day, I was able to take an hour and work with Z on horizontal flexion. We did a few mins of groundwork, continuing to get the straight back and a strong send on the circle. Then I rode her to the far end of my front pasture and we worked on circles at the trot and canter with horizontal flexion. We also worked some on the canter depart. It felt good, but time was short and I had to call it quits. I would have liked to keep going - we were building some good foundation.

Before the night ride, I worked with Cowboy on the ground for a bit. We worked on moving the fore - which is hard for him, and the circle game. He's not quite sure why he needs to stay on the circle, so we'll keep building the expectation that he maintain gate and direction when asked. It was interesting on the trail, he wanted to break from the trot a few times and walk. It surprised me because he seems so forward usually. I think all this exercise is starting to bore him. :-) He's getting fit and he looks great - not skinny, full and muscular. Jen is lucky to have a horse like him.

Today, I hope to get some time with Gemini. His rear right fetlock is still a little swollen. I need to cold hose it today and get some things done with him. He's had a couple days off and that's not a good thing.

I miss Rain. She comes home in a week. She's the best.

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