Thursday, April 24, 2008

Last Endurance Training Ride

Tammy and I did about 14 miles yesterday. It was a good ride - horses were good and strong and we seemed to handle the mileage with ease. We walked a little bit of it, which was good for us and our horses. We also met a neighbor of mine who does Foxhunts and rides endurance! She seemed like a neat lady and I hope to get to know her better.

Tammy's horse lost one of her front shoes, so now she's trying to get it replaced in time for the race. If she can't - she won't go. :-( Z has bruising on her back feet, I noticed it today. Oye! Her back was also a little sore after the 14 miles in the English saddle. Ugh! I don't know... we have some things to figure out. We'll do this race and chalk it up to a learning experience. We've got to work out some kinks, though.

Cowboy will end up with the whole week off before this race. I think he'll be fine, but I wish I could have gotten him out Monday or Tuesday before his rest period.

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