Thursday, August 21, 2008

3 ft jump and a trailer

We practiced our L3 online skills, trying to prep for shooting some video and assessing. Z has never been much of a jumper, but she is getting better and more confident the more we practice. I decided to incorporate treats and see if she responded to that. She really started to put some serious effort into it! What a complicated mare. So, we squeezed over a jump I put in the front pasture, starting at around 1.5 feet and increasing it as she felt successful. We got to a 3' jump in no time flat. I guess I was a little surprised. Was it the treat process? Is she just better at jumping these days? Dunno...

We also started playing with trailer loading on the 45'. We practiced that plenty of the past year, but it's been a while. She was willing to load from a decent distance, but she turns around once she's in the trailer. I think I'll have to put some grain in there or something. Not sure how I'll keep her facing forward. We should work on it from much closer and build. The trailer is so large, it's easy for her to turn around. I believe the task is supposed to demonstrate backing the horse out of the trailer. I'll play with that some more.

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