Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday, Fluidity 2

Played a great game with a fellow student called "Can You". You take turns thinking up things to try with your horse, and you both try it! Simple game and I had a blast! I watched her play with her horse and she watched me play with mine. I think we both had a great time with it! My horse jumped 3' from a stand still for the first time. Awesome. She also surprised me with some other things she did. I'm hoping we play again - maybe even a game mounted.

I'm paying close attention to my horse's expression and I did have to get after her a couple times for her nasty thoughts. She went right-brained one of the times I had her moving quickly. Such a balance and so hard to know what to do. She was very RBI today during our play time. I think. :-)

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