Saturday, August 30, 2008

Indian Creek and Canter Transitions

I was in California all week starting a new job and I was glad to get some horse time today. The last time with my Levels horse, Zarah was 9-10 days ago. I used Gemini for the 1-day clinic with Dennis, which was 7 days ago.

I'm a lucky mom when it comes to time with my daughter, Kendall. She wanted to take a ride badly, so we decided to trailer out to Indian Creek. Kendall was crazy excited and we packed a cooler for drinks and a Kendall's "trail book" for taking notes about our ride. Kendall loves taking notes. I had the camera for once, too.

Kendall has had a rough August fighting allergies. Took Kendall, not a great ride. :-( Great to be riding though!

Came back, rode Z for a couple hours. Nice canter transitions and fantastic snakey bends! Very nice. Just great to be messing with my horse after so many days.

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