Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Video Liberty... again

Well, I tried to get some chores done. I dragged the roundpen yesterday and today the arena. I moved a 3ft jump to the front pasture for my online savvy video assessing. I want to try to get the Liberty video done. I had it down the night Capaill got hurt.

Today, she started turning to the outside on the FLC at Liberty. That's a new one. So, back on line we go. Trying not to be frustrated, but I've made the fatal mistake of setting a time line for us for this week. I can't push it, I'll only make it take longer.

Then, just as it started to rain, I decided to take her to the trailer. I loaded her and got in with her. My 2 pound puppies jumped in, too. There was hay and carrots on the floor from our trip home from the Parelli ranch. We sat through the storm in the trailer - about 30 mins of hail and hard rain with a stray thunder roar here and there. The hail hitting the trailer made her nervous, but I was able to relax her fairly easily. It made me snicker, thinking of my horse, 2 dogs and I in the trailer waiting for the rain to stop.

I've got Z in the run for a day or 2 to get some extra bonding time in before I go to Cali. Tomorrow, I'll focus on getting the online stuff covered.

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