Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day Four, Fluidity 2

My best ride with Z!! Man, oh man! Worked up the hill on canter transitions and she is ready to RACE! I have to teach her to canter slowly and I'm not sure how. She can do it online, but not under saddle. I'll ask tomorrow. Also, sometimes my middle back gets a little tight - where am I bracing? Have to ask that, too. Also, Z's back has changed again and it's time to check shims! That's cool. Her back looks good and strong and her posture is great.

We were working on a million transitions and she can do great stopping from my seat at the trot or walk but once she's in the canter, she's gone. I thought if I cantered her up that big hill she'd get tired, but she's off to the races! I giggled, but I didn't really see a change in what I was trying. She was breathing so hard and even a little sweaty, but still have to charge up the long hill. Anglo-Arab!

Playing online today I had 2 different people tell me we looked really pretty together. Z is soft and round and bending nicely on the circle and responding so well to me asks. I'm very happy to see her positive change and I realize it's because when I'm here, I slow down and focus. When I'm home, I'm in a hurry to get something accomplished. I will try to maintain better what I build here when I go home this time. She definitely likes me better than ever. She's happy to see me and very, very will to do what I ask. I'm amazed by what we're getting together.

Notes on yesterday: For the squeeze over a jump game, know your horse's flight line and adjust the cone's length from the jump to accommodate. Also, yesterday Z's backup got heavy. Did I get too greedy? Try adding cones and giving her a point to point backwards.

The most important thing to cure brace is to retreat! And slow down...

Today's theme was Leadership and the Parelli Formula. Leaders have to be compassionate and polite to gain respect - not only strong. I thought the morning remuda with Baron and Linden's mustang was fantastic. The horse was an RBI and had an amazing amount of try! He was going to trailer load for us, but the horse just wasn't ready. Instead Baron worked on getting the horse to cross a little ditch in the ground. That was plenty for the horse and we watched him come out of his shell. At one point, the horse went inside himself and Baron patiently waited for him to come back. I loved it - a great demo.

Bits should be used to give your horse MORE power, not less. What would my normal friends think of that statement?

Today, I had to ask myself - what level am I? Do I have impulsion problems, making me L2? Do I rush to get things done or do I take my time and do it with flexibility? Hmmm...

Process of Change:
Denial - "I don't have a problem." "It's not my problem."
Blame - "It's my horse's fault." "I never had this problem before Parelli."
Anger - "Freakin horse... faculty...Parelli..."
Chaos - The darkest hour before the dawn.

We did simulations where we had to get a partner to complete some tasks with their eyes closed. I did it with Tiana and it was very nice. She had a soft feel and I felt safe with my eyes closed. When I was the leader, the task list was too short. I wanted to manipulate her more. Hmmm... how interesting.

How to be a successful student...
lack of ego
allow yourself to make mistakes
enjoy the journey
positive people
laugh at yourself, don't be too serious

Ten qualities of a horseman:
heart and desire (Most Important)

I missed the simulations because of work, but it was more seat-builders and ball time. Those are quite interesting and I definitely learn something. I also get to hear more students talk and it helps me examine myself more.

This was the best day so far.

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