Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day Ten, Fluidity 2

I walked away a much better horseman. I'm so grateful to the have the opportunity and ability to experience the Parelli ranch and the courses. It's changed me in profound ways both with horses and with the people in my life. I really looking forward to practicing all I've learned and submitting my partnership on video for evaluation and feedback. Level 3 completion by the end of this year feels possible.

Z had a hard time getting back into the trailer and I took her away from the trailer to work on our communication and her confidence. We had really developed her jumping from a walk over the 2 weeks so I wanted to practice that with her. We also played at liberty some and practiced the teeter totter. When we went back to the trailer, she got right in. I also had plenty of carrots (her favorite) and used them to reward her efforts. I know being in the trailer alone for 6 hours is hard for her, but she was willing after we played and we got it done.

A great way to end the course with me putting the relationship first! Sad to leave, but excited to use my new knowledge. We are soaring!

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Christy said...

yOU ARE MY HERO! Thanks for the blog, Tia. It is very inspiring and gives me a picture of what advancing looks and feels like. You rock!