Sunday, August 3, 2008

Arrival Day, Fluidity 2 cont'd

After dinner, I decided to get my horse out of her little, tiny paddock and get her moving. I warmed her up briefly, then hopped on and off we went. We practiced circles at the trot and canter, cantering up the hill and stopping when I ask, she got onto the pedestal like she'd been doing it her whole life. Funny, we must have left that in a good place from the last class. I'll hug myself and my horse for that one.

She hit some thresholds as we walked off. I try to respect them while still making some headway. After she started to settle, we worked on bridleless circles and they got much better quickly. She started out a little bit right brained, but she settled down quickly. We cantered and tried some flying lead changes. She seemed to get about 1-2 out of 3. I know I can cue her better, so we'll work on that.

On the canter up the hill, I think the hill I picked was too steep because she was beat at the top and I had a hard time transitioning her up. She was pushing to even give me the trot. I asked her to go down the hill collected and use her hind end. She felt very balanced and underneath herself. That was nice. She also went through the car wash like she'd done it a million times. Another hug for our partnership.

We ended with a nice 25 min walk together, stopping occasionally for the long weeds with the purple flowers. Man, she loves those! Her leg wound is ugly and I forgot to pack Swat. Probably have to go buy some to keep flies off. Lovin' my horsey.

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