Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day Three, Fluidity 2

Quick notes:

in the arena grande with others (instructors, too)
Feeling very UNfluid - tried to round my back
didn't have a plan
rain, so went to big top
finally, did josh lyons bending exercise and got Z going with me
on the pedestal mounted
sidepass over a cone
practiced half-passing
some crappy canter departs
Lindsey looked at hooves - and liked them!
Z generally doing well - need to get a better handle on my 51%

announcements with the program, assessments, new levels (patterns)
discussion with Uni student - what do I really want?

For the learning part of the day, we started with simulations with Baron in remuda. I partnered with Sally and we played horse and human with a savvy string as the line. Baron called out games and we got our "horse" to do them. Interesting to play with a Uni student who has passed L3. Made a big difference in how I perceived her motions and asks and how I asked her to do things.

Purpose of the Squeeze game? To build Confidence!!! And shorten their flight line.

We talked about jumping, how we have problems with jumping and why horses over-jump (because they lack confidence).

We watched some amazing jumping clips of normals, unhappy horses in the Olympics (pretty sad) and then of some horses Linda and Pat have helped. They are jumping over 5' jumps with these horses! It's amazing to me and something I never think of doing. Is that because I'm afraid or just not that interested? I don't know right now.

When jumping, push back on the front of the saddle and stay more upright. This way, you're less likely to get too forward and in your horse's way. Emulate the Pushing Passenger position for jumping. That's how Pat can jump picnic tables in a western saddle without crushing his chest.

We played with some patterns over jumps. Squeeze over, turn and face. Then, squeeze over and back to the jump. When I practiced this with Z, I was surprised how little issue she had in zone 5. Many people couldn't get their horses to back to the jumps more than a step or so. Z knocked the rail off with her hocks. Nice - good girl. This maneuver really increases their confidence.

She was definitely right-brained about riding in the big top with the other horses. I had to settle her with snakey-bends, Josh Lyons style. Worked very well and I had her mowing grass and settled pretty quickly after. Now, how do I get her to canter that pattern? I will try it tomorrow.

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