Sunday, August 3, 2008

Arrival Day, Fluidity 2

Things started out a little rocky for me on a personal front. I left too late and I forgot my horse's paperwork. Dang IT!! So, I arrived about 15 mins after the check in period (third to the last) and I didn't have my paperwork ready. That's a rough way to start. I settled everyting in and made it to the orientation. It's run by Kathy and Baron. I'm really looking forward to what I'll learn, but I need to find time to settle.

A couple familiar faces, but not the same as doing it with the friends I made in the Liberty course. Now, I need to make new friends! With my resignation tendered, I'm hoping to not be too tasked with work stuff. I'll be able to handle anything work related after 11:30-ish am. Hoping things work out ok. If not, I'll deal with it.

There are fewer students than the Liberty course I took. But, an amazing thing - 8 instructors! Including David Lichman! Now, that's cool. Marc Rea is also here. I know and have worked with his brother. Linda Green is here, who I've never met but tried to take a clinic with. Seems like a lot of students are L3 students, too. A whole different deal to get here and see students riding bareback and playing at large liberty in the play area. Pretty neat. I'm trying to not feel intimated or competitive. That's one my challenges.

We have a lot to learn and I'm very happy to be here. Need a good night sleep and a fresh mind.

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