Sunday, March 23, 2008

Horsey Easter!

Well, Steve took the kids skiing today and I had the day to spend with Chrissy and Chris - my sister and her fiance. I started off with a lesson at Maria's and then had the day to spend. They both were very interested in getting some riding time. Excellent! Anything horses and I'm in.

I started by giving Chris a "15-minutes to riding" lesson. :-) He did ok and wasn't very nervous. I used my ole' trusty Rain. Then Chrissy wanted a turn. She was a little nervous, but was able to get Rain to go with her some. Then Chris wanted back on - he was hooked, I could tell. He'd never been on a horse, so this was all new. After he'd had some time to get used to Rain, I took him out on a 5-mile loop on Z. Things went quite fine.

When I got back, it was Chrissy's turn. I'd had Cowboy tied for a while (he's here for a little riding/training) and I decided the 2nd ride I'd use him. I warmed him up a little with some ground work and then arena riding before we headed out. Again, things went very well! Cowboy was great - non-plussed by the barking dogs and other things we encountered. He was well behaved and on the way back, the neighbor expressed interest in buying him. He's quite a cool horse and Jen should really keep him - but that's her call.

I was hoping to get some time with Z in the round pen working on cantering, but that didn't happen. No big deal - I had a full day of horses and I'm a lucky girl.

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