Tuesday, June 24, 2008

3 days with Zarah

I haven't blogged much in the last few days, but I've ridden Z every day. On Saturday, we practiced canter departs (which are getting pretty good!) and canter yo-yo's. We do a lot of what Terry taught me and get better and softer each time.

Sunday, we practiced some ground work on the 45'. It was odd - she forgot how to send out on the circle. Either I was asking her wrong, or she's sick and tired of doing it. Then, I took her on the trail bareback while Kyle walked next to us. It was quality time with horse and son and Z did very well. I continue to get better at riding her bareback and we practice bareback cantering every time. I'm getting better, but at the trot it's so easy for me to lose my seat. Her trot is big and lofty and she extends and it's hard to sit it. We're working on a more collected trot and that will be what I need from her when bareback.

Sunday was also the Parelli tour stop Savvy Club day. So, I was there for a few hours and was happy to see many Parelli friends. I even saw some students for the L&HB course that I took. That was such a pleasant surprise! I saw Christy, who sold Z to me - always a treat. They were selling courses in Pagosa for half price, so I bought the finesse course. After a talk with John Barr, I decided that was the best one to take. I also had a chance to briefly chat with Kathy about my Liberty submission. One of the comments puzzled me a bit so it was great to get that cleared up face-to-face. It was a great visit, but I was anxious to get home and ride! So, I left early and had plenty of time to practice with Z.

On Monday, we were in teh arena, but didn't do a whole lot. She was annoyed and I believe something is up with how I fitted the saddle on her. I tried a different shimming pattern and honestly, her back looks better when we're done (no ruffled hairs, even sweat pattern) but I feel a little too forward. Today, I'll try to add a shim and see if I can get my position correct while still fitting her back correctly. I'm also using a wool pad under the Theraflex. I like this system for now.

Today, I have to ride a different horse! Z doesn't do well when I push her too hard and I have to acknowledge that and use someone else. Maybe it's a good day for an 8 mile ride with Rain and Gemini. They need to move! They've been out on pasture for a few days and all the horses look fat! :-)

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