Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cantering down the trail!

Had a great ride with Rain and Gemini today. We went about 9 miles and it was a nice, calm, warm evening. Gemini is getting so much better about staying in the proper area while he's ponied. I am staying specific with him about where his position is and he's getting clear messages from me and doing what he's supposed to do. Both of them are a little overweight. I have GOT to get them moving more. I'm so damn busy! Grrr...

Rain was so responsive today. I cherish that horse. She aims to please and we've built such a great language together. I decided today that she's the horse going to the mountains with me next week. I have 3 days with the riding group near Vail and I couldn't decide which horse to bring. Rain is the horse. She's got a little extra weight, she's great to ride and I can continue to work on building our skills together. Z can have a break. It'll be good for her. Right? Hmmm...

After our ride, I washed both horses and conditioned their manes and tails. Rain especially had worked up quite a sweat on the ride. We rode pretty hard. I am paying attention to her thresholds on the trail while also asking her to let me be the leader. When we got home, I asked Steve to get some video of us cantering. I need to go watch it!

After I put Rain and Gemini in the far pasture, Z came and found me. I was so surprised and honored. She stayed with me for about 30 mins. All the horses were far away on the track in various places and Z chose to stay with me. Yep, things are better all the time with us. So cool.

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