Sunday, June 29, 2008

Video some tasks?

Maybe not... I wanted to get some video taping done of some more tasks and get them sent in. I had some issues, like the video camera battery being dead, working too late and then, my horse was unable to back up straight. So, I played with her a bit while the video camera was running finally and realized it just wasn't the day for it. She couldn't back up straight, so I couldn't send her at a trot to the right. Then, she's recently started swinging her butt to me and with some good momentum. Certainly don't want THAT on video! So, I asked Steve to turn off the camera and we just played and tried to get things going better. I rode her for a bit too and she was just not in a great mood. Maybe it's time for a heat cycle? Our canter departs are better all the time, which is great.

I'm feeling like I need to focus on an area. I'm a little all over the map right now. We left it in a good spot, so I'm happy.

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