Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gemini and the 45

Tuesday, June 3, 2008: Ok, my gelding has gotten FAT! So, I'm trying to make sure he gets a good amount of playtime and movement at least 3 times/week. Yesterday, I took him on the 45 out to the front pasture to circle up and down hills and work on some other things. His sideways w/o a rail has gotten better. His circle game is ok, but on the 45 he got a little ahead of me and himself a couple times. At one point, Kahli was standing next to me and got in the way. Gemini was starting to move too fast and I couldn't hold on with Kahli there. Darn it! I went and got him and we started again. I learned some things in my session with Dennis today that would have been very useful yesterday. Tomorrow, and moving forward, things will be slightly different.

I took G into the round pen, too. He's learned the catching game very well and now we're starting to play all 7 games at liberty. He's a very cool horse. I'm very glad I kept him. Dennis reminded me today of what a cool horse he is, also. He'll be my 2nd horse through the program. Right now, I'm doing just fine with Z.

Gemini needs a diet and more movement. Tomorrow I'll take he and Rain onto the trail and get them both some movement.

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