Friday, June 20, 2008

Beaver Meadows Resort

Spent a few days in the mountains with my riding group at Beaver Meadows Resort. I took Rain and really enjoyed riding her. The first day, we rode off alone. She had her druthers and was gaiting so beautifully. The next day we went about 11 miles, riding all day long. Rain was in front boots and again, her running walk was in pure form. She's excited with the group and amazingly, wanted to lead the trail a lot! She's become a confident trail horse and does a great job leading and staying in front of the pack. I was so glad I took her and spent the time with her. She's an amazing horse and I will always have a home for her. I look forward to working through building cool demo routines with her.

The resort was amazing and I can imagine running a facility like that. Everything was green, lakes and rivers everywhere, amazing trails that literally went for hundreds of miles. Awesome!


CarolCrisp said...

Tia you are an awesome horsewoman, and a good friend too. Sure had fun with you at Beaver Meadows. Looking forward to some more riding time with you and your great horses. Carol

CarolCrisp said...

Make sure to let us know when you go back to Pagosa Springs would love to film you doing your thing there.