Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gemini Gets Stitches

OYE!! I finally had a little time to get some horse time and decided to take Rain and Gemini out on the trail. I planned to get my own exercise, too. I had about 2 hours of daylight left. Things were good. Then, Gemini stepped in a culvert and ripped a bunch of skin off his leg. DOH!!

Luckily, I had vet wrap. I looked down and saw his flap of skin hanging off and hopped off Rain to cover it up. Blood immediately started flowing fast and I wanted to save the flap of skin. I had my vet wrap and started to cover when he lifted his leg and kneed me right in the eye. Damn it. I lost my favorite sunglasses at that point. They fell off and I forgot to grab them when we left. Double damn it.

Anyway, I got the skin covered up and held back together. It was bleeding pretty good through the wrap so I was wanting to get him home fast and call the vet. He needed stitches. I walked them home and Gemini was upset. I had to work to keep him behind me. He was anxious to go home and going the pace HE wanted instead of the pace I wanted. It got better and I got him home. I called the vet and he was at my place within 45 mins. Great! He got about 8 stitches and some staples. The vet isn't sure if the skin flap will live or not. If so, it should heal fine and quickly. If not, it will be a longer healing process as new skin will have to grow over. We'll know in about a week.

I don't know what I could have done differently. When I was ponying him, he just decided last minute that he wanted to go over the culvert instead of around. Maybe I could have held him closer, but it seemed like he was going with Rain and I around the culvert. Shit just happens.

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