Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rain, Gemini and Tia off to Teach

Today, I was scheduled to help someone with their horse. Since she's in the neighborhood, I decided to ride Rain over and pony Gemini. It's always great to get those two on the trail. Gemini is becoming a better pony horse all the time and he understands his responsibility to stay quiet and in his "spot". Rain is - as always - an awesome horse on the trail and does whatever I ask of her. She makes me so happy. We are a great team.

I didn't get time with Z today, but I think that's quite ok. I've been pushing hard on the L3 stuff and I have to be cautious to keep our relationship intact.

Of course, I did not get enough horse time today with my own horses. I will try to soak up a bunch this weekend and also beg someone to do some videotaping of Z and I and more tasks.

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