Saturday, June 14, 2008

Chasing Kendall!

Had a very fun time with Kendall today! She rode her bike and Z and I followed her. I'm working on getting very confident riding Z bareback and this is just the sort of thing to get me there. We cantered bareback some and did LOTS of trotting. Kendall picked where we went and Z and I tracked her. In the meantime, practiced bridleless stopping and soft trotting. I am so sure that Z likes me better than ever. I can tell by the way she feels about being caught. Our bond is better than it's ever been.

I got Rain and let Kendall ride her bareback some. Kendall is afraid lately, so just some slow small circles and teaching her to sing while she rides is about it for now. She rode for about 15 mins and made a big improvement so we were done with that.

Cantering bareback is much easier than trotting bareback. However, my next building block is to get the canter in the bareback pad softer. Moving into the canter bareback is still a little rough for Z and I. I know it's partly my trepidation and partly Z not getting a clear ask. Still, we're making huge progress and I'm nothing but proud of us both.

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