Wednesday, June 4, 2008

4 Hours with Dennis

I had an amazing lesson with Dennis today. Wow. We went for nearly 4 hours and it felt like 1. I'm blown away.

We started on the 45 playing in the front pasture over the varying terrain. Dennis helped me a lot with my body language and asking Z to move faster and stay on the circle when I needed her to. I realized many things I'm falling short on with her. She's looking for direction and I'm not always giving it.

Notes for myself...

the way i hold my stick
the way i ask her to transition down
getting more particular
asking her to maintain gait on the 45
looking where I'm sending!!! Arrrgghhh!!
rope handling

at liberty, being more fluid
looking where i want her to go

riding - canter departs
moving my arm to ask for the correct lead
getting more particular
slowing her down by bringing my life up and shoulders up
moving my arms in a bike pedaling motion either forward or backward
straight lines at the walk, trot and canter

blog about Gemini play day with 45 yesterday

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